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Work for Samsung QLED & OLED

Music Supervision

Production music

To present the new QLED and OLED televisions, Samsung decided to create a musical concept that exemplified the diffusion between reality and fiction, making a parallel with the super definition of its new screens.

At Konga Music Agency, we worked hand in hand with Archetype to create this musical concept, and we turned to classical works and various updated reinterpretations. The idea was to work with a corps of dancers and, based on Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake suite, we proposed alternatives of this and other classical works revisited to achieve the reality/fiction effect through ballet and hip-hop choreography.

Finally, we did a musical production work mixing the works “Swan Lake”, “Swan Lake Ballet Suite” and “Gymnopedie No 1” turning the 3 tracks into a single 4-minute theme that, accompanied by the screens and the movements of the dancers, gave sense, elegance and actuality to a very special staging. Hypnotic movements and a very well-worked staging, made the music shine, while the strength of the melody was essential for a performance of 10.