We are music lovers. Demanding, creative, innovative and decisive. We live by music, through music and for music, our one clear goal being the perfect symbiosis between a musical concept and a story. We have this burning need to surround ourselves with people who – just like us – wake up every day wanting to do the best work of their lives. Every person in the team is a one-off, and the magic comes when we all get together.
Teresa Carbonell

Teresa Carbonell

CEO & Project Manager

“I like the Goldberg Variations, the oboe, classic crooners, the 80s and the sea of Menorca”.

Salva Mayolas

Co-founder & Digital Strategist

“I like the 60s, guateques, technology, metadata, the Illa de Sa Calma and sharing moments with family and friends”.

Sandra Agudo

Production & Project Manager

“I like good Flamenco, Extremoduro in concert and evenings on the beach to the sounds of Bob Marley”.

Laura Gispert

Music Supervisor

“I like Manel, Leonard Cohen, Blondie, Tame Impala, Los Rodríguez, Sufjan Stevens, Queen, Aute …ceramics, crying with laughter, Madrid and putting music to everything I do”.

Camila Marelli

Copyright & Royalties

“I like listening to Tool, and the company of a good book and a cup of coffee”.

María Martínez

Production & Licensing

“Los Planetas, Camera Obscura, summer, details, after-hours drinks, good company, contagious laughter…”

Roger Rodés

Music producer

“I like winter sunshine, music from the heart and a good wine”.

Marina Puig

Head of Production SaraoMusic

“I like music with a heavy beat. I’d love to talk with Santiago Auserón or to have had the chance to talk with Antonio Vega. I love family, Fridays and the cold.”

Mario Llanes

Community Manager

“I like Neo Soul, syncopated rhythms, the absurd, keyboard shortcuts, stickers and the steaming hot patatas bravas”.

Antonella Cassina


“I like the vibes of electronic music, Tomorrowland, Martin Garrix and the sound of waterfalls and the jungle.”

Stefan Garber

Stefan Garber


“I like George Jones, The Clash and my Telecaster”.