Licensing and Rights Management

Administrating and certifying the rights and other legal aspects of musical works, existent recordings and any other musical element needing to be synchronized with any audiovisual projects all forms part of our expertise.

You want to use a song but don’t know how to go about getting the rights?

We really know the music industry and deal with all aspects of music rights and licensing quickly and efficiently.

¿Te gustaría usar una canción y no sabes cómo gestionarla?​
Garantía 100%​

100% Guarantee

We guarantee that we’ll meet all objectives, budgets, technical requirements and timings of any musical aspect that goes along with an audiovisual project.

Garantía 100%​

Legal Advice

Thanks to our specialist intellectual property lawyers, we have in-depth knowledge concerning all legal aspects connected with rights and licensing.

Asesoramiento jurídico - legal​