Get to know us a little better

We are a creative music agency, producing made-to-measure music solutions since 1996, applying our knowledge of both the music industry and the audiovisual industry to creativity, strategy, technology, legality and intellectual property. We are experts in music, music publishing, Intellectual Property and licensing and all audiovisual work.
The trust our clients place in us is key, and we work alongside them to create the perfect symbiosis between music and image, letting their stories shine through the music.


Everybody knows that real love is unconditional, and that is how all the individuals who make up Konga Music Agency feel about music: we love it unconditionally. You just get it or you don’t. It’s in our blood. It’s our DNA.

1. Unconditional love for music as one of the main expressions of the art.
2. Craftsmanship over a low flame. Every project is unique.
3. Concept, meticulousness, pushing yourself. Giving real value to every project through music.
4. The utmost care, empathy, savoir faire. Getting involved with the stories and ideas. Getting involved with the people.
5. Talent and creativity. Being surrounded by artists and creators is the magic of each working day.

Our Clients

Being part of a team that is trusted by our clients is the main thing for us.