Medusa & Konga Studios

In our studios, we create over a low, slow flame.
At our boutique Konga Studios, we set to work immediately based on the set timings. The studio has a control room, a 20m2 recording space and iconic microphones like the Neumann U67, the AKG C12 and Schoeps.

Medusa Studios is one of the biggest recording and mixing spaces in the country, with four recording studios covering a total of 400m2. This is where we record large scale projects like string sections or drum ensembles. It is equipped with the iconic Neve console and the best microphones and backline, like Vox and Fender amps and synthesizers like the Moog Voyager.

Artists including Nathy Peluso, Rosalía, Estopa and Macaco often work at Medusa, and the studio has also been used by Owen Morris, producer of Oasis and The Verve, Bruno Mars’ guitarist Phredley Brown and opera singer José Carreras.