Roger Rodés Sendrós

Engineer, composer, musician and producer

Latin Grammy 2021 for his work as Sound Engineer. Experienced with over 20 years, he has collaborated in projects such as Macaco, Nathy Peluso, Shakira, Estopa, Rosalía, Mari de Chambao, Facto Delafé y las Flores Azules, Love of Lesbian, Los Manolos, Marc Ayza, Elena Gadel, B-Negao and many others. As a composer, he wrote soundtracks for many audiovisual formats, such as the series “Dos Vidas”, broadcasted on RTVE and synced in several countries, the children’s cartoon series ‘The Happets’, aired in a number of territories, the soundtrack of the film ‘Cruzando el Límite’, the music for the play ‘Un Fill, un Llibre, un Arbre’ which premiered at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and numerous musical pieces for advertisements for products including Evax, Dodot, Nike, Gas Natural, Barcelona Zoo and Mahou beer.

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