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Emotional music in "La Casa" by Álex Montoya

Film Music

Production music

“La Casa”, the new film by Álex Montoya based on the graphic novel by Paco Roca, is a drama that immerses us in the inexorable passage of time and family memories. In both the trailer and the film, various Production Music tracks enrich this story full of emotions, humour and nostalgia. On the one hand, this trailer is conducted by “Tether Hooks”, from the label At The Studio – Moods, a track that enhances the sensitivity of the images with a delicate string section accompanied by piano. On the other hand, throughout the film, we can hear Bossa Nova melodies from our label SaraoMusic, including “Parabens Pra Voce” and “Uirapuru”, along with the reflective Soul of the label AXS, with the tracks “The Law” and “Lovers In Central Park”.