Play Video about Largometraje "Canallas" de Daniel Guzmán

"Canallas" film by Daniel Guzmán

Film music

Production music | Music Supervision

After seven years of work, Daniel Guzmán releases his second work, this time a neighbourhood comedy called “Canallas” and starring Joaquín González, Luis Tosar and Daniel Guzmán himself, with music by Konga Music Agency throughout the film.

We have done a Music Supervision work for this film that includes 10 tracks from KMA’s repertoire, from six different labels, including our in house label SaraoMusic with the track “Lost At Bering Sea” from the album Shades of Techno & EDM.

The film, shot in Orcasitas, a neighbourhood in Usera (considered the Chinatown of Madrid), features different musical styles but predominantly techno and electronic music.

You can listen to “Sta Vita è Faccile” by That’s Amore, “Heroes Never Die” by Selectracks Song Catalog, “Interference“, “Privilege“, “Out of it” and “Mirror Image” by CPM, “Never Alone” by Tele Music and “Hine e Hine” by Soho Music.