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"Bienvenidos a Edén" Trailer

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Delighted to share our latest work of Custom Music.

“Las Montañas” by Delaporte, is the song that plays in the trailer of “Bienvenidos a Edén”, the new Netflix original series. A theme with a lot of elegance contrasted with darkness, a fact that makes it fit perfectly at a conceptual level as the series takes us precisely into a dark world apparently ideal.

In Konga Music Agency, our music producer Roger Rodés, has made a reinforcement work of the theme “Las Montañas” adding an epic production in all the final part, adding choirs, percussion, strings and synthesizers.

In addition, this promotional piece features a sequence that required the support of electronic music.

Roger has created an original composition for that moment with EDM synths, powerful drums and vocal chops.

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Miguel Ángel Trudu in this project.